About Us

Few Words About Multics

MULTICS SYSTEMS CO LTD is a technology company incorporated as a limited liability company in Tanzania in 2007. Multics has its Head Quarters in Dar es salaam, the commercial city of Tanzania, and operations across the whole country.

For a number of years, we have been working with different organizations to implement solutions that enhance efficiency while cutting down operational cost using ICT as an enabler. Our solutions portfolio includes a range of technology products for various industries such as Governments, Telecoms, Banks, Utility and many others.

Our Core Values

Committing to development of great products and services tailored to our client’s needs.


Pursuing new and creative ideas that have the potential to improve efficiency in service delivery.


Acting with honesty and honor without compromising standards and ethics.


To create and deliver state of the art, reliable, competitive and sustainable ICT solutions, customized to our clients needs, timely, consistently and reliably.


To be the best provider of ICT products and solutions, and the centre of excellence for technology, in Tanzania.


Our main objective is to provide the best service, there is, to our clients. We believe technology has a big potential to increase productivity and reduce operation cost in businesses and other high stake industries such as education, health, construction agriculture and energy.


Timely, Consistent, Reliable

Word From Our CEO

Few Words About The Company

In today’s competitive economy, businesses make profit by increasing productivity while reducing operational cost. Sometimes this is the only strategy to survive in the atmosphere where the market is sliced and shared by competing actors.

Organizations of all sorts need efficiency and effectiveness in the way they go about providing their services. The advancement in information and communications technologies is seen being the main drive in increasing productivity while reducing operations cost.

At Multics, we have embraced this fact and we are working to transform businesses and workplaces using state of the art technology guided by our vision and our core values. We are confident to continue to meet the expectations of our customers and stakeholders in the future because we like what we do and we do it with passion.

Our Team

Meet With Our Amazing Team

Anthony Kigombola

CEO, Managing Director

Renfrid Ngolongolo


Emmanuel Kagongo

Business Manager

Lulu Ngimbwa

Finance Manager